Why we need Blue/Green deployment strategy?

  • Blue/Green strategy is used to minimize downtime for production services.
  • There are two identical production environments as known as Blue/Green deployments to represent Prod/Stag environments, and only one of them is serving the production traffic.
  • When a new release need to be deployed, we will check the which deployment is serving the production traffic.
Blue Deployment is serving the production traffic.
  • For example, the Blue deployment is the Prod environment, and we will deploy new release to the Green deployment for the Stag environment. …

Streams are an update to the Java API that lets you manipulate collections of data in a declarative way. Streams can be processed in parallel transparently, without you having to write any multithreaded code.

Let’s show some intermediate operations in Java to explain how the stream works.

A Dish is an immutable class defined as:

public class Dish {
private final String name;
private final boolean vegetarian;
private final int calories;
private final Type type;

public Dish(String name, boolean vegetarian, int calories, Type type) {
this.name = name;
this.vegetarian = vegetarian;
this.calories = calories;
this.type …

個人強烈不建議資訊背景的學子們加入仁寶 SDBG,尤其是 5G 專網部門!!

我在仁寶的 SDBG 約八個月的時間,擔任的是 NFVI 工程師,主要的工作內容就是佈署應用程式到 Kubernetes 和 Ope …

The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is a initiative created by the combination of the ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management & Policy) and Open-O (Open Orchestrator) projects into ONAP, to bring the capabilities for designing, creating, orchestrating and handling of the full lifecycle management of Virtual Network Functions, Software Defined Networks, and the services that all of these things entail.

The ONAP platform architecture based on Guilin release is as follows.

ONAP Architecture based on Guilin release

ONAP consists of a large number of components, each of which are substantial projects within themselves, which results in a high degree of complexity in deployment and management.


I have a lot of work experience in CI/CD with Jenkins X, making applications containerized and running applications on Kubernetes cluster.

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